Marine & Logistics claims administration software

Streamline the claims process with a cloud based system built from the ground up for your very specific needs.

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Claims administration simplified

A key to effective claims management is that claims don’t improve with ageing. Getting the right tool to assist you will improve workflow efficiency by automating routine processes so you can focus on managing the claim and not the paper.

Unless you have a small volume of claims paper based systems and an ad hoc array of spreadsheets is just not adequate in today’s world. To effectively manage a significant number of claims you need modern, reliable technology designed for your specific claims needs.

There are many very good claims administration systems but most are designed for workers compensation or other ‘shoreside’ claims. marine and logistics claims are very different. Even with ‘marine’ there are many important needs that differ from one industry to another and our system caters for those differences to optimize your claims administration process.

TecnoRisk have been providing claims administration systems to a wide range of maritime and logistics companies for over 25 years. Whether you are a transportation company, cruise line, vessel manager, fishing company or logistics company (illustrative list, not exhaustive) TecnoRisk have a system designed for your complex claims needs.

TecnoRisk’s cloud based Claims Administration software reduces costs by consolidating claims information, improving workflow efficiency and outcomes, automating tasks and reporting.

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