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Claims administration software that lets you work faster, smarter.

The TecnoClaims System is ideal for any type of maritime or logistics company. Exposures such as crew claims, with the need to track maintenance and cure obligations are common across vessel operating companies and TecnoClaims includes highly sophisticated but easy to use functions to improve the workflow needed to meet these obligations.

Whilst maritime needs are generic many industries have quite specific needs and to accommodate these the system has functionality built for those exact requirements available. Here are examples of a few.

Container & Bulk Shipping

Many needs are common. Crew injury/illness and repatriation being examples. Collision and allision claims are another. Cargo claims have quite different needs and these are catered for with a set of claims screens unique to container and another for bulk cargo.

Commercial Fishing

Back in 1995 our first user was a fishing company and the system remains in use to this day. Over the years needs have evolved with the latest cloud based iteration providing efficiencies not previously available.

Some challenges remain the same though with Covid driven exposures adding to the claims management needs.

Cruise Lines

With many years of experience working with Cruise Lines TecnoRisk have developed many specific features to tailor the System exactly to Cruise Industry needs. These include:

  • Terminology familiar to users e.g. 'Passenger' used rather than the 'Third Party Injury' for non-Cruise Line users.
  • Shore excursions and Tour Operators recorded in Passenger claims.
  • Voyage can be recorded/populated from a Table populated by EDI.
  • Optional ability to record cruise credits.
  • Crew information can be recorded from an HR System interface.
  • Tracking of claims by Manning Agent is included.
  • Crew claims track shore referrals.
  • Crew claims module available to record and manage Philippines Overseas Employment Agency Claims.
  • Module available to record information required for US Medicare Section 111 Reporting with no need to rekey information into third party systems. Optional is for TecnoRisk to provide Reporting Agent services.
  • Module available to interface with onboard accident reporting system.

A host of other features benefit Claims Management and reporting in a way no other System can match. Contact TecnoRisk to arrange for an online Webinar to help you gain an understanding of the options available to assist you.

Logistics Companies

Set up of the System tailored exactly to the needs of Logistics companies include.

  • Workflow designed specifically for Logistics needs.
  • Origin and Destination Locations and warehousing recorded.
  • 'Contacts' in case include assignment of carrier, consignee, customers etc. from user definable system Tables.
  • Statute dates and recovery statute tracked and included in Alert System.
  • Origin Office, including multiple where applicable, available to all claim costs.
  • Control document, service, type of transport, loss type etc. recordable from user defined System Tables.
  • Find claim searches and workflow specific to Logistics claims.
  • Possible duplicate claims identification utilizing bill of lading number, container number and other key data.
  • In addition to Cargo claims, the system handles General Liability, Auto etc.
Self-Insured Longshore Employers

The TecnoClaims System ideally suits the Claims Management requirements for Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act Claims. Specific functions to manage such claims include.

  • Module to record Longshore Employer details including location and DOL Authorization number.
  • Ability to create Ports/Terminals and assign Employers.
  • Details of excess insurer and Loss attachment point can be assigned.
Claims Management
  • All required information required for LS Reports recordable. Other key information such as Seniority, Union, Accident Location, Cause etc. recordable from System Menus.
  • Production of LS Reports available in each claim and detail saved in Document Management System.
  • Extensive file notes available saved to folders similar to Outlook. Particularly useful in cases open for an extended period.
  • Case review audit trail. Again, particularly useful in cases open for an extended period.
  • Controversion of benefits recordable.
  • Log of compensation payments, and also medical treatment available.
  • Disability status recordable in payments and logged in System.
  • Vessels being worked recordable where applicable.
  • Workflow processes designed specifically for LSH claims.
  • Reserve and payment categories designed specifically for LSH claims.
  • In addition to the LS Reports available in claims, the System produces the DOL LS274 and LS513 reports.
  • Other reports by Employer, Terminal, Union etc. are available.