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Claims administration software that lets you work faster, smarter.

The TecnoClaims system was for many years a Windows application and, starting in 2020 was rebuilt as a cloud based system employing the latest technology. A great deal of time was spent on the front end interface, organizing the claims data models and breaking the business structure down into easy to use components. The end result is a highly configurable and customizable interface that allows rapid access to all areas of the claim, in a highly organized manner.

In addition to the obvious advantages of breaking a claim up into its common denominators and displaying the information accordingly we added a dynamic menu driven system to access all other areas of the application from any screen. This ensures that our users are always able to navigate around TecnoClaims easily and efficiently.

Everything you need – and nothing you don’t

TecnoRisk’s Claims Administration software offers everything you need to get the job done not just faster, but smarter, saving time, saving money

Workflow Management

Automates routine tasks in highly configurable screens designed exactly for the class of claim involved and your own corporate requirements. Custom alerts and reminders assist workflow.

Fleet & Vessel Assignment

Assign vessels to fleets and track claims by vessel. Record accident locations specific to the ship to provide insights into accidents.

Policy Management

Assign vessels to policies, record applicable deductibles. Claims are automatically assigned to policies and the applicable deductible applied making claims set up a much simplified process.

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System Configuration

Whatever your claims management needs TecnoClaims has screens and workflow patterns for those needs. Every significant screen can be configured to your exact needs including terminology used, required fields and optional fields. Apply your own business rules to all key aspects of claims management including rules on data retention and claims closure.

Reserve Management

Creates and maintains full reserving functionality with reserve categories specific to the type of claim while capturing an audit trail of all recorded changes.

Payment Management

Whether you need a one off payment for cargo loss/damage, payments for medical including reductions for bill review or regular payments for maintenance obligations the system is built for your exact needs while capturing an audit trail of all recorded changes.

Document Management

Captures, organizes, and manages, and securely electronically houses all claim related and legal documents with easy search and retrieval.

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Claims Regulatory Compliance

Detailed audit trails of all changes, limited access to PII data and an audit of who accessed specific information/when provide the data logs for all activities required by regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR etc.

Reporting & Analytics

Highly configurable reporting tools combined with intuitive and flexible report design meets your exact reporting and analytic needs.