Policy Management

Policy set up designed for marine needs improves claims administration.

Setting up and maintaining policies ongoing is an important part of the System. Users define their own risk and claim types based upon eight different sets of claims screens each designed for the exact data recording needs of that type of claim.

Vessels, where applicable are assigned to policies as are insurers (including multiple where applicable) and deductible(s) as well as the policy date from/to.

Claims are automatically assigned to policies as is the applicable deductible. The benefit of having detailed policy information in the system is that the user setting up a new claim does not need a detailed knowledge of the company insurances to get the correct policy and deductible assigned.

Policies can have different deductibles by specific claim type. Fees outside the deductible can also be recorded.

Other deductible options include Cargo claims having the option of a voyage deductible. Another is the ability to record an Annual Aggregate Deductible.