Document Management

Having all important claims documents at your fingertips lets you work faster, smarter.

This function allows users to attach important communications, emails, photographs, text and pdf files etc. to the claim and provides substantial efficiencies compared to relying on paper files or having files stored in a multitude of folders on your local workstation or central file folder system.

The system acts as a document repository and provides the benefit of keeping all key communications in one easily accessible place. Files are organized in user defined folders and stored in the database and are thus highly secure. Additional security is provided by the attachment being encrypted although this does not impact the users access to the files attached.

Virtually any type of file can be attached although limitations can be set in System Defaults to avoid potentially harmful files being attached.

Documents can be attached in claims, policies and vessels. Each has their own dedicated folders. In policies a copy of the policy, premium worksheets etc can be useful to attach. In vessels, valuation surveys etc are examples of how the system is used.

The dynamic menu driven system design provides users with the ability to access key areas of the application from any screen.